AHCCCS Works With Phoenix VA to Prevent Suicide

In 2015, there were more than 1,300 deaths by suicide in Arizona. It is estimated 20 veterans die by suicide daily in the United States. To address this serious issue to Arizona’s public health, staff from AHCCCS – alongside many community stakeholders and Senator John McCain’s office – are working with staff from the Phoenix VA to prevent such deaths.

The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Act for American Veterans was passed by Congress in 2015. The legislation outlines federal efforts to better coordinate data and prevention efforts at VA hospitals nationally. The Phoenix VA was selected as a pilot project for the legislation.

AHCCCS staff members are working with the group to provide statewide data and information on successful prevention programs. More information on the 2016 State Plan to End Suicide can be found here, where veterans are highlighted as one of the six priority populations for suicide prevention in Arizona.

For more information about suicide prevention efforts at AHCCCS, contact: Kelli Donley kelli.donley@azahcccs.gov