HEAAL Serves Maricopa County Minority Populations

Minority Mental Health Month

July is national Minority Mental Health Month. In honor of the great work being done statewide, AHCCCS is highlighting several community partners.

Tanner Community Development, based in Phoenix, runs the Help Enrich African American Lives (HEAAL) coalition. Program Manager Loren Grizzard answered a few questions about the coalition and how they help address minority mental health.

1. How does the coalition address minority mental health?

The HEAAL coalition partners with mental health professionals to provide community education opportunities. In addition, several coalition members are providers of such services, contribute to our community forums, and monthly spotlights. Additionally, we attempt to collect data through surveys and community outreach to assess our community’s perceived mental health posture.

2. The HEAAL coalition specifically targets African Americans. Is this Maricopa County specific? Are others also encouraged to participate?

HEAAL has the opportunity to serve Maricopa County. We, however, focus on a service area bounded by Camelback Road (north), 48th Street (east), South Mountain Range (south), and 81st Avenue (west).  Although our target population is the African American community we service all communities in our service area and throughout the county.

3. Is any of your programming offered in other languages? 

We endeavor to provide Spanish translation at our community forums and flyers for various events are provided in Spanish.  This depends greatly on the availability of translation services as none of our team members are fluent in Spanish.

4. What would you like members of the community to know about Tanner and the coalition? 

Community engagement and collaboration are the hallmark to the achievement of the goals of Tanner and the HEAAL coalition. We strive to ensure that all voices are heard and all have a seat at the table. We are ever-expanding in bringing new voices to the challenges our impacting the community we serve.

5. How can those interested in your services contact you? 

Program Manager – Loren Grizzard

700 East Jefferson Street, Suite 200

Phoenix, AZ 85034

602-253-6904 ext. 205


Web – www.heaalaz.org

For more information about Minority Mental Health Month, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness for resources. To read our first provider profile on Native Americans for Community Action (NACA), based in Flagstaff, click here.


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