Talk with your teen about suicide prevention

September is suicide prevention month. Did you know on average more than 1,300 Arizonans die by suicide annually? Students of all ages may be at risk.

Suicide is preventable. Those considering dying by suicide may demonstrate one of the following behaviors: 

  • An increase in substance use 
  • A change in sleeping pattern 
  • Giving away possessions, including pets 
  • Depression and withdrawal from social obligations 
  • Discussing dying by suicide

Students, and teens especially, may consider suicide after a sudden loss. A breakup, an argument with a friend, not making a sports team, etc., may trigger immediate depressive symptoms. If you have a student in your life who is dealing with loss, or exhibiting one of the symptoms above, there are resources available.

Teen Lifeline offers a teen help line: 800-248-8336. They also offer information for parents and teachers to identify students at risk, and how to refer them into care. For more information, visit:

Teen Lifeline also offers a free program to middle school and high schools. The Badge ID Project prints Teen LifeLine information on school badges, along with a curriculum for administrators, parents, and students. For more information:


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