CDC Releases Suicide Report Among Lesbian and Gay Males

The Centers for Disease Control recently released the first known study regarding suicides deaths among lesbian and gay individuals. Suicides among Lesbian and Gay Male Individuals: Findings from the National Violent Death Reporting System is a summary of multi-state surveillance system data.

The report found a great presence of physical heath, job, and relationship problems among gay male decedents, and intimate partner/other relationship problems among lesbian decedents. Diagnosed behavioral health conditions and a history of suicide planning and intent were also more common for both lesbian and gay males.

The findings are important to public health to better target culturally sensitive programming for the lesbian and gay population. Data used for the survey was gathered from the National Violent Death Reporting System from 2003-2014 from 18 US states.

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Arizona’s state suicide prevention plan is being reviewed March 18, 2019 at AHCCCS. For information about the meeting, contact


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