23 Years On, Alma Torres Reflects on Service Improvements

Alma_Torres_OIRThink about how the business environment has changed in 23 years. Technology has increased the speed of communication, improved workflow and responsiveness, revolutionized document storage, and streamlined state agency services for Arizona’s citizens. While some would shy away from a work environment full of change, Alma Torres, Administrative Assistant III in the Office of Intergovernmental Relations, has embraced it. Since joining AHCCCS 23 years ago in the clerical pool, Alma has advanced through many positions and departments. “I honestly don’t realize how much time has passed until I reflect on all that’s changed,” she said.

“I work with such elite people that I keep getting the opportunity to learn more.”

Through all those years, Alma has pursued opportunities to grow her skills and expand her knowledge, taking advantage of internal training and volunteering to accept more responsibility in every position she’s held. Having served in many divisions within AHCCCS, Alma has deep institutional knowledge and understanding of the complexities of healthcare management. Colleagues recognize her attention to quality, her caring demeanor and her attitude of service.

“Management encourages continual learning and gives employees autonomy to do their jobs well,” she said. “I work with such elite people that I keep getting the opportunity to learn more. Now I’m moving into budget management, finance, and accounts payable responsibilities so I’m very motivated to continue to do my very best work.”

In addition to employee development, it’s the mission of AHCCCS that keeps Alma motivated to excel. “I believe in the work this agency does,” she added. “It’s an important service to the people of Arizona.”

We are happy to recognize Alma Torres for her many years of service to AHCCCS. Please stay for 23 more!


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