Data Drives Talent Manager Colleen Miller to Excel

Colleen_Miller_HRDIn the nine months since joining the AHCCCS Human Resources Division as a Talent Development manager in the Organizational Development department, Colleen Miller has made significant organizational improvements. Analytical by nature and training, Colleen’s MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology helps her use data to solve people-related problems. She is most interested in how data analysis can assess the impact and ongoing performance of employee development, retention, and engagement programs.

Within her first three months on the job, Colleen made measurable improvements to two employee surveys, changes that resulted in an 80 percent participation rate in a new onboarding survey, and a 70 percent improvement in exit survey participation.

The Organizational Development team is focused on providing opportunities for employee growth, and in that capacity Colleen says her scope of work is broader and more far-reaching than she originally expected. She especially enjoys the flexibility of designing research-based proposals

“Dynamic, ever-changing, engaging, and caring,” is how Colleen describes AHCCCS and her role. With her data-driven eye on improvement, it is future projects that most excite her. “We are getting to the point of having enough data to see patterns and create informed plans.”

AHCCCS is proud to recognize Colleen Miller for her contributions and impactful service to the State of Arizona.


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