Improving the Process Gives Leonor Arvizo Job Satisfaction

Leonor_Arvizo_DFSM“When I start a new job, I strive to learn it completely, from A-Z and I don’t want to leave until I’ve not only mastered it, but improved it in some way,” explained Leonor Arvizo. In her 13 years at AHCCCS, Leonor has accepted increasing responsibility, moving from second-shift Customer Service Representative through various roles including Supervisor in Division of Member Service (DMS) to her current roll as Processing Manager in the Division of Fee for Service Management (DFSM). In each position, she’s left an indelible mark on processes, systems and people. “I’m always asking, ‘How can we make this better, faster, more efficient, more responsive or better for our clients?’” she said.

“I don’t want to leave [a job] until I’ve not only mastered it, but improved it in some way.”

When Leonor accepted the Processing Supervisor role in August 2015 the Data Entry department had a backlog of 50,000 claims and a tired team trying to manage the workload. She turned her process improvement eye to the problem and devised a plan to use staff resources more efficiently. In less than one year, her Data Entry team had not only eliminated the backlog, but instituted a same-day claims processing policy. “As a leader, I rely on my team, those who are doing the work, to make suggestions and question whether we can do it better,” she said.

Leonor applied at AHCCCS on a friend’s recommendation; today she doesn’t see herself ever leaving. “I just love coming to work because I know I have a purpose. I provide quality service and I help AHCCCS meet its mission.”

For her hands-on management style and commitment to continuous improvement, we proudly recognize Leonor Arvizo for her service to the State of Arizona.


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