HB 2084 Expedites Access to Court-Ordered Mental Health Treatment Services for American Indians

Arizona CapitolThe 53rd Arizona Legislature unanimously passed, and Governor Ducey signed into law, a bill that will expedite American Indians’ access to court-ordered treatment when there is no appropriate treatment facility on tribal land.

HB 2084 allows mental health treatment facilities outside of tribal service areas to admit tribal members for court-ordered treatment, pending the filing and domestication of a tribal court’s involuntary commitment order in a Superior Court. In order to comply with the provisions of HB 2084, the tribal court’s order for involuntary treatment must be filed by the close of business the next day the Superior Court is open following admission of the member. If the order is not filed in accordance with HB 2084, the member must be discharged back to the jurisdiction of the tribal court.

The legislation is expected to create efficiencies within the behavioral health and justice systems and to expedite American Indians’ access to behavioral health services when they are most in need. Governor Ducey signed HB 2084 on March 29, 2017, and it will become effective ninety days following the end of the legislative session.

Read more about HB 2084 at azleg.gov.


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