AHCCCS Employees Write To End Stigma

Doctors Nirbhay Singh, Jack Barber, and Scott Van Sant dreamed of a handbook for clinicians, to navigate the maze of behavioral health treatments for individuals with a serious mental illness. They hoped this book would create a “blueprint for enhancing and transforming recovery-oriented services in inpatient psychiatry.”

The dream was realized last month, when the Handbook of Recovery in Inpatient Psychiatry was published. The book includes a chapter authored by two AHCCCS employees, and the employees of two local provider agencies. Chapter 16, Recovery and Stigma, was authored by Kathy Bashor and Susan Junck in the AHCCCS Office of individual and Family Affairs, along with Colleen McGregor of Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care, and Cheryl Anderson of Marc Community Resources.

The book discusses the idea of recovery from mental illnesses, recovery-oriented treatments, self-advocacy and stigma. The four came together to author the chapter in collaboration of shared passions to end stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Congratulations to our authors!


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